Mission Statement

The Media Association is a non-profit organization that fosters, supports and directs elevation of the standards of the media for a more democratic society. It advocates freedom of expression, ethical values, diversity and honesty in the media. It believes in democracy as well as universal human rights and the rule of law.

Excellence in the media, excellence in democracy

In Turkey and around the world, media organizations are undergoing radical changes. Dizzying developments in digital technology are taking the media into a completely new era. All sorts of news, information and comments circulate among regions and countries irrespective of boundaries. This invalidates older forms of operations in the media, urging the sector to develop new models.

Great transformation is not restricted to technology or business models, but also affects people, changing perspectives, mentalities, major issues, feelings and the moral values of individuals and groups.

As the social demands for democratization take root, the media emerges as a field in which new demands are expressed and become visible. Based on its motto, “Excellence in the media, excellence in democracy,” the Media Association is convinced that democratic consolidation will empower the media.

Main areas of activity:

1. Education

2. Press freedom

The objectives of the Media Association:

To raise the quality of the media and journalists in Turkey, to
 world standards. To expand the boundaries of freedom of the press and advocate 
diversity in the media. To help media-related technological developments be understood and
 used effectively.

Quality media

Reestablish Journalistic Principles

New social values entail that certain assumptions and habits of the media must change. The Media Association not only paves the way for holding meetings on topics such as hate crimes and how ethnic and religious issues or women are presented in the media, but also informs the general public of their results and proposals in the form of posts at the Web site, books, journals, reports and so on.

Foster lifelong education

On-the-job training is vital for journalists. It is unthinkable to raise the bar on media without raising the quality of media professionals. The Media Association aims to improve the quality of journalists by organizing courses, panel discussions, conferences and other events in cooperation with the world’s leading media alliances.

Provide guidance to students of journalism

A major problem for young people who aspire to work, or who have just started to work in the media, is lack of guidance. The Media Association aims to facilitate the integration process into the profession and help young people make correct choices by organizing internships, courses and employment initiatives.

Support academic studies

The Media Association attaches importance to intellectual debates concerning the profession. It will foster the discussion of all sorts of issues related to the media. It will create a suitable environment for all types of academic contributions to the sector, particularly from domestic and foreign faculties of communication. One of its objectives is to share the results of these contributions via intellectual journals and blogs and enrich them.

Defend freedom of press

Diversity, pluralism and freedom are the core values for the press. No journalist should be subjected to physical or psychological pressure because of his/her ideas. Attacks on the media’s freedom of news and comments within the framework of ethical values are an offense against society. With a sense of social responsibility and a desire for quality democracy, the Media Association lends support to all journalists whose sole purpose is to conduct their profession ethically.